Clémentine Dubost – Port Henry Station – Brool Video


Here we drop our luggage down the station floor
It’s a smooth green grass that leads to lake Champlain’s door
Only one or two folks are bumping down the train
This is Port Henry Station

We remember all the noise of New-York City
All the noise we’re hearing now is from the coming summer storm
When it starts bursting a woman offers a shelter
In her car the rain’s just covered

We won’t have to wait for long for the next sunray
Cause we know here storms never lasts
When the rain stops our friend comes driving an old van
Now it’s time we go through Vermont roads

We will live the whole summer in woody places
We will learn we can be home even in foreign languages
People smiles and the music of the stream
This is all, all we’ll need

We will watch the sunset over the Adirondacks
We will drink some wines from good old Lincoln Peak
We will think of home but we’ll start forgetting when…
When it was, we crossed the ocean ?

And the days will be passing by from July to August
Now the sun falls more sweetly on the porch
Now we will have to understand it’s always too early
To say goodbye to old chapel road

At the end we’ll finally leave for the mountains
In our journey to the west we’ll find another wilderness
But we will miss all the people from the hills
And the New-England storms

If you ever wanna travel to the North-East
If you ever take the train from New-York to dear Montreal
You should stop by this little station by the lake
Stop at Port Henry Station

People here always have good shelters from the storms
To the losts they give their umbrellas
I know some strangers who have stayed for all winter long
Also if you go then you might stay

Produced by Brool Video (Connor Owens) Filmed in Vermont, USA. Middlebury College Language Schools